Bridge the Gap I: Ethics and Skills for Newly-Admitted New York Attorneys 2017

January 24, 2017
Practising Law Institute

Jennifer Smith Finnegan will be a panelist on a series of seminars as part of Practising Law Institute’s Bridge-the-Gap I program for Newly Admitted New York Attorneys. The panels will feature experienced lawyers who will share the legal skills and ethics lessons learned to help prepare new attorneys for the complexities and responsibilities that the profession has in store, including such everyday ethics issues as: handling inadvertently produced documents; the attorney-client privilege; the duty of confidentiality; conflicts of interest; candor to the tribunal; the "no-contact" rule; attorney advertising, social media use; unauthorized practice of law; who is the client; and escrow accounts.
For more information on this series of seminars, the first of which was held on January 24th, please follow the link