2019 New York Multifamily Summit

October 31, 2019
Jodi Stein
New Yorker Hotel

481 8th Avenue
New York City

Partner Jodi Stein spoke at Greenpearl's 2019 11th Annual New York Multifamily Summit, where hundreds of industry individuals gather to discuss current pressing issues such as the adverse effects the new rent stabilization laws may have on the multifamily industry. In addition, the conference addresses today’s investment, development, financing, construction, deal flow, and property management challenges.

Jodi's panel will look at how the financial incentives and lower cost of land and of doing business in less densely populated areas such as the Bronx, Yonkers, Newark & Westchester have prompted investment and revitalization of these areas. Panelists include David Brickman, Partner of Onex Real Estate Partners; Ben Korman, Chief Executive Officer of Lotus Equity Group; Nana Duncan, Principal of Thatcher Duncan Group; Kenneth Morrison, Principal of Lemor Development Group; and Karine Blanc, Director at The Blau & Berg Company.