High-Profile Litigation

He has a well-earned reputation for identifying and advancing highly innovative litigation strategies for his clients. In defending a group of garment contractors against a union lawsuit (Romney v. Lin), Chris successfully argued that a federal ERISA rule preempted his clients from being personally liable for not contributing to employee benefit plans, contrary to the union’s lawsuit.

Chris also successfully resolved an international bank’s complex foreclosure case against a developer, which involved a partly finished 23-story, 302-unit leasehold condominium project in New York City. When the developer defaulted on an aggregate $165 million acquisition and construction loan, Chris and his team worked with the client bank and its co-lenders to foreclose and to fend off a lender liability lawsuit. Chris also persuaded the court to grant emergency powers to the receiver to complete construction and to market the units for sale to provide lenders a chance to recoup their investment – a highly unusual grant and a victory for his client.